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Texas State University

Calico Template Guidelines

The Calico template is currently in the pilot phase (as of Spring 2019). University Marketing (UMK) will grant access to the template using the following guidelines. Due to limited resources, UMK will only be able to provide training/guidance on a few sites at a time. Requests may be put on hold until prior projects are completed.

If a Gato editor is requesting access to use the new template to redesign their site, the following conditions must be met:

  • The template must be used across an entire site. Department level is preferred but not required (depending on site structure).
  • Site editor and UMK agreement on which sites will be flipped (if the editor has access to more than one).
  • The site(s) should be student facing and show at least 20% mobile usage.
  • A plan must be sent to UMK – including content strategy and design.
  • Editors using the template must have Gato access and show basic proficiency through the site(s) they manage.
  • Editors must participate in a UMK led mobile-first design training (approximately 1 hour).
  • All editors for a site must be trained before the template will be released.

After guidelines are met and UMK approves access, Mobile/Web Systems (MWS) in IT will update Gato.

UMK will review the site for content and design and WMS will review accessibility and technical aspects before launch. This is mandatory for a site to go live.

If you would like to request access to the Calico template, please contact University Marketing.